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Now Working with Prediction Marketing

We're expanding! We've joined with Prediction Marketing to provide customized and dedicated services for small and medium sized companies.

What is Predictivez?

Predictivez helps companies increase revenue through the utilization of data they already have.

Using nearly any dataset, including: sales, CRM, web analytics, manufacturing, ERP, social media, marketing and promotional data, etc., we provide companies with valuable predictions, forecasts, and trend analysis. The predictions can range from categorization of products and customers to product recommendations, and everything in-between. We can help you analyze your data, whether it's "big data" or a small data subset.

Utilizing cloud technologies such as Hadoop and Mahout and a combination of advanced machine-learning techniques and exceptional user interfaces, we make statistical analysis and prediction available to companies of all sizes and users of any and all abilities.

If you would like to learn more about how Predictivez can help your company, please contact us.

By popular demand, we have made an Amazon EC2 Image with Hadoop and Mahout (ami-95bc7dfc). This is based on our own AMIs and is a basic system for development and testing of machine language systems. Enjoy!

Our Prediction API

Understanding and implementing a custom prediction algorithm isn't easy. Even using some of the developer focused API's (Application Programming Interface) available take a skilled and knowledgeable computer scientist. Due to their inherent complexity, most custom interfaces are confusing and require an advanced mathematics degree to use.

That's where the Predictivez Prediction API comes to the rescue. Businesses don't need rigorous mathematical studies - they need results and specific recommendations. Predictivez does all the calculations, computes probabilities, and statistical analysis, delivering the results to you and your business without unnecessary complexity.

Flexible Analysis

Predictivez can help you utilize the data you already have. We can help you use your existing sales data to correlate customer purchasing patterns to recommend add-on sales, related products, and focus marketing. We can use your ERP data to help you plan and forecast manufacturing requirements. You can use your collected ratings to predict more ratings. Predictivez helps you make your customers happier.

Useful Results - Simply

We use a variety of machine learning techniques to automatically examine your data. Our system lets you choose your preferences, or we can show you which methods will produce the best results. We then make it a snap to get the information you need with standard web technologies (REST, XML, etc.) and industry formats (Excel, CSV, etc.). We make using predictions as simple as possible.

Contact LLC

5615 La Colonia Dr. NW,
Albuquerque, NM 87120

Tel: (505) 750 0355
CEO: Stephen Cook

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